7 Skies Theory & The KrishnaPath Theory

এই লেখাটির বাংলা অনুবাদ দেখতে
সপ্তাকাশতত্ত্ব ও কৃষ্ণপথ মতবাদ

Hubble telescope made the eye of the scientists widen enough. Hubble is the strongest eye of mankind yet today. It is Hubble, by which we are able to see the farthest in visible light through the black sky. Till the day when James Webb Telescope will be launched, we should have to be satisfied with Hubble. …By the way, as far as we see through Hubble, the farthest star is V12 or Variable 12; which is in the galaxy NGC 4203 [image].1 Do we know, stars are one type of sun? Because they are farther, they seem small to us, and we call them Stars.

Which one is the farthest, there are debates.2 I don’t want to join such a debate… If we take V12 as the farthest star, then it is 10.4 billion Light Years away from the Earth. Light travels 186,000 miles (299,337.984 kilometers) per second, which means, the light you turned on now, just now [that means in this second] it is 186,000 miles away. The distance, light travels for 1 year, is called a Light Year. A Light Year = exactly 9,460,730,472,480.8 km.3 That means the light you lit a year ago, has already traveled 9,460,730,472,480 km away. So, how farther the 10.4 million light-years-far galaxy is?

10.4 million light-years mean 10,400,000 light-years away, which means (10400000 × 9460730472580.8) km away… calculate yourself. Though it is unbelievable, we assumed this one is the farthest star till now. After seeing such far a Muslim may think: it may be The Second Sky, as we taught in the Holy Qur’an (Koran).

No, ALLAH (The God) mentioned in Koran in Chapter 41 (Haa-Meem Sazdah/Fussilat), Verse 12 that:

So, from this creation, He formed the seven heavens in two periods and to each heaven He ordained its laws. He adorned the lowest heaven with brilliant lamps and made it secure. Such is the design of the All-Mighty, the All-Knowing.4

That means, The God (ALLAH) placed Stars (brilliant lamps) only in The First Sky. There is no star in the Second Sky.

That means the farthest we are able to see till now is still the First Sky; there is no sign of the Second Sky. …I think we all know that the word ‘sky’ is not the literal sky here, it is basically a Universe. According to the Hadiths (teachings of Prophet Muhammed [peace be upon him]), there is a scale of the seven skies: If there is an onion skin (or a finger-ring) on a huge field, then the onion skin/finger-ring is the First Sky and the huge field is the Second Sky. The Second Sky is similarly smaller to the Third Sky. The Third is the same smaller to the Fourth, and on and on. These Seven Skies are one is larger than another. And beyond the Seven Skies, there’s the Throne (‘Aarsh) of The God (ALLAH).

That means the explanation of the huge Universe, according to Islam, is showing a circular model, where there is one circle, another one encircled the first, and on and on…there are 7 circles. The innermost circle is the most little one, but this one is a huge Universe to us. (Though there are models available for the Universe other than the circular model)

Very recently science is telling us about a mysterious object of the known Universe, the Blackhole, as we Bengalis called it the KrishnaGhahvar (কৃষ্ণগহ্বর). The stars, which are 10-50 times larger than our sun, die with a huge burst, called Supernova. And after that, they may become a Neutron Star or a Blackhole. A Blackhole is such a mysterious hole that, it has such massive power to consume anything, everything beside it that, such huge stars and planets can be placed into a tiny dot.

Just imagine a circular motion in the water, as the Tornado loop, how it takes everything from the top of the water to the bottom, Blackhole is like that. Science doesn’t know where does it take these things into? The power of its attraction is so massive, even the known fastest entity in the Universe, Light, can’t escape from the grasp. That means if there is any light that tries to come out from the Blackhole, it can’t escape. As because we see anything because light reflects from it, therefore we can’t see any Blackhole with our visual eyes. The most mysterious dialogue about Blackhole from science is: ‘Even the rules of Physics collapse in a Blackhole’. Till now science has no answer about Blackhole.

My ‘KrishnaPath Theory’

চিত্রণ ক: কৃষ্ণবিবর-এর কল্পিত চিত্র। (Picture a: Drawing of unseen Blackhole.)
Picture a: Illustration of Blackhole
চিত্রণ খ: টাইম মেশিন ধারণায় শোয়ার্যসচাইল্ড ওর্মহোলের কল্পিত চিত্র। (Picture b: Drawing of a Schwarzschild Wormhole in the theory of Time machine.)
Picture b: Illustration of Schwarzschild wormhole as of Time Machine theory

Because there is no scientific explanation, this is the scope of my theory. I think Blackhole is a secret pathway. That’s why I named my theory ‘The KrishnaPath Theory’ (BlackWay Theory). I don’t know whether it supports the Islamic view or not. It is just a thought of mine. The phenomenon is like a wormhole, will take one time to another.

Even according to modern science how a Blackhole is (picture a), funnel-shaped Blackhole, and the funnel-shaped wormhole (picture b), both of them match with my theory. The funnel shaped wormhole are known as Lorentzian wormhole or Schwarzschild wormhole or Einstein-Rosen bridge. It is just a matching ideology, not a mathematically proven scientific Theory.

This science-fiction may be the future science, who knows that…?

-Mayeenul Islam

Astronomers have found a galaxy far, far away—13.1 billion light-years from Earth, to be exact.

Latest Update: 2013

On October 23, 2013, like others, National Geographic News informed us that, with the help of a 10-meter telescope at Keck Observatory scientists discovered the farthest galaxy named z8_GND_5396, and it’s 13.1 billion light-years away from us. (Reference^)

Latest Update: 2024

In January 2024 the James Webb Space Telescope (JWST) discovered the farthest galaxy, named JADES-GS-z14-0. With a redshift of 14.32, this galaxy is the farthest so far. The galaxy itself is 1600 light-years across and home to a trillion stars. (source^)

~ Modern Science Supported my Theory ~

An article from National Geographic News published on 12 April 2010 supported my theory:
Every Black Hole Contains Another Universe? – National Geographic


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