Fossil Stone

Found in: Cox’s Bazar Sea Beach

Category: Geology

Weight: (unknown); Width: 6.6 inch; Maximum Length: 1.75 inch; Special [fossil] Item: 2.5 inch [in 6.6 inch width].

Observation: Under a fluorescent bulb, a close observation with a ‘2X’ and ‘4X’ magnifying glass it is found that-

The stone is not made of coral.

The rock does not consist any item that confirms it is made of coral.

A simple particle is taken with a gentle hit on a side. The particle, under magnifying glass and direct light from a little torch was somewhere shining like stars on the sky– the same factor seen on sand. So it is initially confirmed that, the stone is made of sand.

But how the sands get attached is unknown to me.

So it requires further observation under someone, specialist in geology.

Undoubtedly it is not a fossil (I just named it for attraction). It is just a remaining (দেহাবশেষ) of a seashell.


-Mayeenul Islam

Date of the observation: April 4, 2008; 1:00am

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