My Name is Karan & I’m a Bogus

Yes, of course, I’m talking about the 2010 Indian movie My Name is Khan. Karan Johar made the movie with a huge budget (as it is counted the second highest budget movie of India), and of course with a great (?) actor Shahrukh Khan (SRK). If you google the Wikipedia article related to the movie than you’ll get the huge information backing up the claim of a huge success movie.

But, is it really?

The movie started with a wonderful dialogue:

I’m going to meet the president of the United States of America and I’ll say him that “My name is Khan and I’m not a terrorist”. That’s a good start after all.

But what’s next? …another typical Hindi movie with a lot of bogus acts.

The fact what is showed here is that a person with Asperger Syndrome doesn’t act good with some special colors and noisy loud sounds. I’m not a Psychologist and don’t want to comment about that fact (?) but I’ll surely pose that, if SRK acts abnormal with the color Yellow, then why not he acts to them always?

  1. He didn’t react with Yellow when he and Kajol (actress) met beside the sea. There’s a road sign depicting ‘2’ with Yellowish color, but SRK din’t react with that!
  2. Even when her sister-in-law (vabi) took him to Autistic Society, there were two tubs with the color Yellow, but SRK din’t react!
  3. When SRK took Kajol’s child to Discovery museum, there was a pod with the color Yellow, but SRK din’t react!
  4. The top of the puzzle board was Yellow, but SRK din’t react again!
  5. In the wedding ceremony a cloth was hanging beside SRK, but he din’t react again!
  6. When SRK and his step-son was playing video games a photo frame in their drawing room was in Yellow color, why not SRK always react with such?

For the noisy sound disturbance, when SRK went to meet Kajol in a morning, and without any warning he grabbed her hand and drag her forcefully on the top of the hill or higher to a hill, Kajol was shouting, I repeat ‘shouting’ like a 4:1 speaker, but SRK din’t feel disturbed. 😀

SRK took Kajol on the top of a hill which place is above the cloud, can you imagine, how higher that can be? That’s simply well higher like Chimbuk PahaR in Bangladesh or the like. How come SRK and Kajol managed to climb such a huge height by simply running? And after arriving there their heartbeat was not pounding but it happens to anybody? May be their acts was not good. :p

And if you see the cloud covering California is not exactly a total cloud covering, some high rise buildings are higher than the cloud. Then how the scenery is fantastic where anybody can see such view from those tower-like buildings! 😀

The movie is based on the fact of “Islam and Terrorism is against Islam”. But what Islam is saying, is not exactly there- when SRK’s younger brother said him that this types of marriage is not legal in Islam, where husband & wife are of different religion, SRK denied that. Oooo, SRK simply denied the Law of Islam. 🙂 😀 To marry a person of different religion, you have to, I repeat ‘you have to’ convert him/her (aka factually ‘revert’ him/her) to Islam. Otherwise it’s simply a prostitution- that’s not a marriage in the view of Islam. But a Muslim can marry a Christian or Jew if he/she accepts ALLAH is the Lord and Muhammed [pbuh] is the last and final messenger. But to marry a Hindu, it is obvious that, you have to Revert her to Islam. But in this movie, by the name of Islam, we see an anti-Islamic act. How ridiculous! 😡

It’s not mandatory and even not encouraged to change the spouse’s name by the name of her husband, and in America, women don’t follow that. But what we see about Kajol, she changed her name and added ‘Khan’ after her name. But the Social Security Card and such other official document won’t permit her to change her name, and even Kajol’s child’s name. So how come the school students may know about his father’s religion? How funny. 🙂

Kajol is praying with a bell [as a ritual of prayer] and SRK is praying Salah…how funny thought. A formless [the] God and a formed God is prayed in the same place with deep concentration – may be religious, but not Islamic. 😡

SRK din’t wear a Muslim cap on his head ever in this movie. But when the Twin Tower is down and Muslim’s are threatened he took a cap and wore it publicly, even in the mourning prayer for the killed. But a Muslim can pray without any cap, cap is not mandatory, but a good essential. Where there is a chance of Hikmah in Islam, you may not wear a cap when it’s harmful to you for a few time. But it’s not a solution for always. But SRK din’t follow the Hikmah. Why, because he is autistic and his wife doesn’t know anything about Islam. :p

‘Eye Witness’ is a common fact in Indian movies: as for the sake of argument I am posing some examples: in 3 Idiots! the lodging boy was a all-seeing eye witness who concludes the inner facts at a quicker 1.5 minutes; in Kabhi Khushi Kabhi Gham Kareena Kapoor and Hrittik Roshan were the all-seeing eye witness… and in My Name is Khan, the 2 video journalists were the all-seeing eye witness. When will the Indian movie-maker come out from such thought!! 😡

I agree SRK is an autistic, but he can fell in love with Kajol and can even annoy her by saying ‘marry me marry me marry me’… Ok, I agree. But where he feels love, why not he feels sorrow? Why he was annoying Kajol by saying ‘It’s food time’ when she is crying for her child, who is gone forever? I can’t tolerate! 😡

Language problem: in this movie we can see the whole America is saying Hindi. Even all the posts of governments and private sectors are filled with Hindi speaking Indians. That’s a fiction. Not only that, they even understand Hindi. Where all the black persons are saying about their lost family person in war against terrorism (?) in English, SRK said about his step son and everybody started singing for his sorrow, an exception! :p And SRK’s language was not English at all. He spoke everything there in Hindi except some proper nouns. Teacher (SRK’s sister-in-law) was speaking Hindi in an American Psychology class? How do the do it!!! 😮

Where the American Police Department denied to carry the case of Kajol’s dead child, how come Kajol’s so confident that she’ll find the murderer? Even she challenged the police! O! Arabian Nights; Fairy tales. :p

In the mosque SRK denied the speech of the Doctor and he corrected him. But did you see how rude he was? He was Rude Enough. But that’s against Islam, as Islam says: Ud’u min Robbika bil HiKmah oa mao’izatil Hasanah… but he din’t act with Hasanah (good speech; righteous speech). Ok, leave it – I don’t mind- exception can come.

When he was jailed he said about the Doctor and police arrested him… a typical Hindi movie’s “Happy Ending”. OMG! :p

When SRK’s shouting to the President in the huge crowd gathering, everybody’s shouting and he felt annoyed, but why that’s only for a moment?

How come his voice was clearly captured in the movie camera where everybody was shouting loud. And even the nearest person of SRK din’t understand his speech and misunderstood his speech as ‘terrorist’. How come the distant camera captured his voice so clearly? …may be I’m numb! 😀

The cameraman was in the crowd and focused the camera from SRK’s side. How come the video footage is showing SRK’s shouting from top of a building before SRK? – probably a drone, na! hahaha… 😀

A simple BBC news was broadcasting and the America was alarmed, where the news is broadcasted in Hindi! Why the BBC correspondence was saying Hindi over a multinational broadcasting TV channel? 🙂

And at the end, like a miracle, everybody was saying Truth, where truth is a miracle itself.


I am tired. I can’t say anymore. It’s a Bogus, Bogus, Bogus movie, ever seen. Even the thought behind, was also Bogus.

After all “My name is MI and I’m not such a Bogus”. Hahahaha… 🙂 😀

-Mayeenul Islam

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